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Care is a small word, a four letter, looks like an insignificant word that one might easily overlook, but when it comes to its meaning, it is the most significant word there is. Its meaning holds the insight and the purpose of life on this earth, the way life should be lived. Everyone or thing born has a purpose but not necessarily the same fortune. A part of the society is termed, affluent or fortunate and the others are less fortunate or underprivileged.


Welfare School

In the vicinity of Askari 5 where Rukhsana Foundation opened its doors in 2005...

Welfare Clinic

Welfare Clinic was opened to provide quality medical services to the segment of society...


Housing Projects Undertaken By Rukhsana Foundation In Earthquake/Flood-Affected Areas


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How child sponsorship works?

Child sponsorship is an opportunity to personally connect with a child, family, and community in need. You’ll walk alongside them as they work on lasting solutions to fight poverty and help vulnerable children reach their God-given potential.

Should the Zakat and Donation be paid only in Ramazan?

It is not a condition of Zakat and donation that it is paid only in the month of Ramadan; however it is the most recommended time to pay it.

How to apply Internship & Volunteer?

Internship & Volunteer registered by email with CV and also can Call us for further information in our contact us section.

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