Basic IT Program

Building Digital Prowess with Basic IT Programs

Rukhsana Foundation is fostering digital empowerment by offering free Basic IT courses to all our students. The program, which runs for 6 weeks from Monday to Thursday between 11 am and 2 pm, recently saw Grade 11 student Zara Rizvi and Grade 10 student Ali Hassan Rizvi stepping up as instructors. These young leaders are teaching a diverse curriculum that includes Robotics, MS Office, HTML, Animation, Adobe Illustrator, and After Effects. This initiative not only equips our students with vital IT skills but also showcases the power of mentorship and peer learning within the Rukhsana Foundation community. It’s an exciting step towards a more digitally proficient future.

The Future is Here : Get Enrolled with our Basic IT Programs.

During the 6-week course on website development at the Rukhsana Foundation, the diligent student Zarran created a Pet Shop website  using HTML and CSS.

Muhammad Zain from class 7 created 3 basic websites using CSS and HTML on various topics during the 6-week course on website development at the Rukhsana Foundation.

Zara Rizvi, a student in 11th grade at Rukhsana Foundation, shares her experience of conducting a 6-week long course on Website Development and Basic IT Programming. The students are provided with hands-on experience in creating websites using code languages, including HTML and CSS.

Captured Moments during Basic IT Program Success.