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Board Members - Rukhsana Foundation - Rukhsana Foundation
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Meet Our Board Members

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The professional team meets our board members. The origin of an organization is essential to understand to better distinguish what makes the organization unique and special.

Rukhsana Foundation

Board Members

Here are Rukhsana Foundation Board Members listed below.

  1. President
    Mr Naveed Sheikh
  2. Treasurer
    Mr. Muhammad Saleem Khan
  3. Senior Member
    Dr Khalid Jamil Akhtar M.B.B.S., F.C.P.S., D.C.N. (U.K) D.Med. Rehabs
  4. Member
    Mrs Rahat Tahirkheli
  5. Member
    Mrs Erum Sheikh
  6. Member
    Mr Yameenudin Sheikh
  7. Member
    Mr. Syed Ali Raza Bokhari
  8. Member
    Ms Noor Tahirkheli
  9. Member
    Dr Ahmed Omar Usmani
  10. Member
    Mr Rafi Sheikh
  11. Mehreen Sheikh
  12. Mashal Tahirkheli
  13. Secretory/Legal Adviser
    Lt. Col (R) Mushtaq Ali Tahirkheli
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