LUMS: EU-Integra

LUMS : EU-Integra

Rukhsana Foundation has teamed up with Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) for the EU-Integra Project, generously sponsored by the European Union. This initiative focuses on providing computer education to underserved communities, specifically children from displaced and refugee families.

In the pilot phase, under the guidance of Dr. Asim Karim (Professor of Computer Science LUMS. In charge of EU- Integra Program) 50 students from Rukhsana Foundation, grades 6 to 10, have been selected for the program, with the potential for it to become an ongoing project.

 Over a span of six months, these students were taught software development, from basic to advanced levels. The software projects of these 50 students were presented to the EU Delegation which received recognition and appreciation from them.