Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School

In the vicinity of Askari 5 where Rukhsana Foundation opened welfare school in 2005, It was noted that many children in the locality spent most of their days collecting rubbish for very small sums of money, to help their families with their survival, this was not going to offer them any prospects of a good future or provide them with any training or skills that they could hope to earn a fair living from. Thus, In 2008 the Foundation set up a finishing school for children to offer them basic primary education. The school started with Nursery and with every passing year, the children progressed to a new grade.

Now the Foundation school offers classes from Prep to Grade 11 and maintains a fair and high-quality standard of education. All, course materials, books, copies, stationery, teaching equipment, and uniforms are provided completely free of cost to all students.

The school began in sheds, as most NGO schools do, and was operational in Askari 5, and then in 2013, the school was able to move to a proper building in Gulberg III, with suitable rooms for classrooms equipped with Multimedia and Smart Boards.

Provided By The Welfare School