Cardiology Observership Program


The “Cardiology Observership” is a prestigious program jointly sponsored by the Rukhsana Foundation and the Rukhsana Tahirkheli Foundation. This initiative is designed for Interventional Cardiologists in Pakistan who have successfully completed FCPS part 1 and 2 and are actively practicing in the field.

Selected participants embark on a transformative 6-week Observership at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, renowned as one of the foremost cardiovascular healthcare institutions in the United States. During their stay, these cardiologist have a unique opportunity to closely observe and immerse themselves in the latest advancements in various heart disease treatment procedures.

All the candidates selected for the Cardiology Observership have to do a week long rotation at Rukhsana Foundation Lahore before proceeding to USA. Here they need to spend 3 days at the clinic and 6 days at the school observing the various systems and seeing patients in order to understand what Rukhsana Foundation is all about and what it is doing for the underprivileged community.

All the expenses boarding, lodging in both Oklahoma City and Lahore, transportation in Lahore and USA air tickets are provided by Rukhsana Foundation.

This program is initiated and funded by Dr. Naeem Tahirkheli, Patron of Rukhsana Foundation and Senior Medical Director, South Campus Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

Dr. Ambreen Nawaz

Dr. Ambreen Nawaz, a participant in the Cardiology Observership Program, shares her insights of her week-long rotation at Rukhsana Foundation. 

She appreciates the Foundation’s school system, the quality of STEM education offered to students, and the outstanding healthcare facilities extended to underprivileged communities.

Dr. Muhammad Suleman

Dr. Muhammad Suleman, a cardiologist selected for Cardiology Observership Program, visited Rukhsana Foundation for a 1-week rotation program. He was amazed by the quality of education being provided to students, especially in the field of IT and Robotics. 

Furthermore, he appreciated the quality of healthcare provided to these deserving patients.

Dr. Wajahat Lodhi

Dr. Wajahat Lodhi, Cardiologist, shares the enriching experience at his rotation at Rukhsana Foundation. He praises the free healthcare services provided to the deserving patients. He also attended students at Rukhsana Foundation School, and was amazed by the level of knowledge they have at the matriculation level.

Dr. Anwar Hussain

Dr. Anwar Hussain from Swabi shares his experience of being selected for Observership Program at Okolahoma Heart Hospital. Sharing his week long rotation session at Rukhsana Foundation, he appreciated the quality education and healthcare provided to the deserving society. 

Dr. Saeed Waqar Ahmed

Dr. Saeed Waqar Ahmed, Cardiologist at Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi. The efforts made by Rukhsana Foundation in providing education and healthcare services to the underprivileged communities motivated him in giving back to the society even more.

Dr. Iqbal Hussain

Dr. Iqbal Hussain from Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar shares his eye-opening experience of 1-week rotation program at Rukhsana Foundation school and clinic.

He was amazed by the level of education being provided, especially in the field of IT. Furthermore, he appreciated the doctors for providing quality healthcare to the deserving patients at the clinic.

Dr. Samiullah

Dr. Sami Ullah, serving as an Assistant Professor of Cardiology at Hyderabad Medical Complex in Peshawar, achieved a remarkable milestone by being chosen to take part in the esteemed Cardiology Observership Program.

During his 1-week rotation at Rukhsana Foundation School and Clinic, he highlighted and appreciated the efforts of the Foundation for providing quality education and healthcare to people of the deserving communities. 

Dr. Manzoor Mohammad Khan

Dr. Manzoor Mohammad Khan, who is currently pursuing his FCPS in Peshawar, shares his experience of being chosen for the Observership Program at Oklahoma Heart Hospital.

After spending a week participating in the Rukhsana Foundation’s rotation program, he expressed his deep appreciation for the high-quality education and healthcare services extended to the underserved members of our society.