Clinic Services


Welfare Clinic

In 2008, a Welfare Clinic was opened to provide quality medical services to the segment of society who cannot afford to reach a doctor and buy medicines. The clinic is manned by four specialist doctors, a Paediatrician, a Gynaecologist, a Dermatologist, and a General Physician, who provide quality medical advice and 3 to 5-day medicine to the patients. The clinic is also manned by trained and experienced para-medical staff. A medical laboratory is also established, where all the basic blood tests are conducted. The clinic also provides services of E.C.G and Gyne Ultrasound. All services provided in the clinic are completely free of cost. The clinic works 3 days a week from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m. with all doctors available and caters to 100 to 150 patients a day.


General Physician

Dr. Rizwan Fazal, MBBS , DCG General Physician, Head of Rukhsana Foundation Clinic shared an overview and gave a tour of the clinic. He highlighted the facilities and the free services the clinic is providing to the underprivileged communities.


Dr. Soraya Anwar, MBBS, RMP Dermatologist at Rukhsana Foundation, shares her journey of 15 years in providing dermatological services to people of nearby communities.


Dr. Ayesha shares her decade-long experience as a Paediatrician at the Rukhsana Foundation. Working at the Rukhsana Foundation is a dream come true because this Foundation has provided her with the platform to help people in need.


Dr. Rukhsana Parveen MBBS FCPS Consultant Gynecologist at Rukhsana Foundation for the last 10 years appreciates the patient-centric provided by the Foundation to the deserving patients.

Clinic Staff

Clinic Nurse

Amna Pervaiz has been serving as a Staff Nurse for the past five years in Rukhsana Foundation’s Welfare Clinic. Each day, she attends to the needs of 80-100 patients, checking their vitals to ensure their well-being.

patient testimonial

Meet Ms. Zainab, former student of Rukhsana Foundation. She visits RF Clinic for her day to day medical needs.

Ms. Yasmin Noor, former student of Rukhsana Foundation School appreciates the facilities and care provided by Rukhsana Foundation Clinics.