Volunteer Program

Volunteer Program at School

The volunteer program was set up to enhance teaching at the school in 2018. The school volunteers commit time to the school and help with reading, Writing, and English Fluency, help struggling students, assist in artwork, assist in extra-curricular activities, help improve the civic sense of students, and can also assist in the Marketing department.

Lahore Students Union Volunteer Program

This is important because it introduces the students to new people, from different walks of life, who can impart knowledge and study skills to the students such as helping to build their confidence in communication. The Rukhsana Foundation volunteer program signed an MOU with LSU (Lahore Students Union) in November 2018.

Community Service Volunteer Program

Their Community Service Program (CSI) is in its 4th year running and has placed over 900 student volunteers at over 70 NGOs and Civil Society Projects across Lahore. They also provide support and mentorship to student initiatives for social development. Rukhsana Foundation volunteer program actively participated in the LSE (Lahore School of Economics) Job Fair for the recruitment of employees and volunteers in February 2019.