Flood Relief Khanozai, Baluchistan - 2022


Torrential monsoon rains have triggered one of the most severe flooding events in Pakistan’s recent history, leaving devastation in its wake. Homes have been washed away, public facilities destroyed, and water systems and schools damaged. As a result, nearly 10 million children were in desperate need of immediate lifesaving support. In response to this crisis, Rukhsana Foundation, in collaboration with APPNA (Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America) and AIMCAANA (Allama Iqbal Medical College Alumni Association of North America), has been working tirelessly to provide aid and relief to those affected by the floods.

Flood Relief in Khanozai Region – Baluchistan

In Chapter 1 of their relief efforts, Rukhsana Foundation focused on the Khanozai region in Baluchistan. Rukhsana Foundation has distributed three comprehensive relief packages, each containing essential items to meet the immediate needs of the affected communities. These packages include baby food, mosquito coils, women’s hygiene products, clothing, blankets, tents, medicines, and other necessary supplies. Relief package 1 consisted of 250 cartons, while packages 2 and 3 contained 100 cartons each. Dedicated students from Rukhsana Foundation actively participated in packaging and distributing 200 cartons from relief packages 2 and 3.

The distribution was conducted in various villages, with Mr. Akmal Khan, the COO of Live for Humanity Foundation, coordinating the project for Rukhsana Foundation. The team included dermatologists from Rukhsana Foundation Clinic, led by Dr. Souraiya, who provided consultations to over 2,000 patients in just two days. Four local doctors from the Government THQ Hospital in Khanazoi also joined forces to support the relief efforts.

Flood relief packages