Ramadan Campaign 2021

Ramadan Campaign 2021

The Ramadan Campaign, a cherished annual tradition by the Rukhsana Foundation, seeks to offer relief and support during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a time when the act of providing aid to those in need is a prominent and deeply ingrained ritual for many Muslims. Its primary objectives are to raise funds and awareness for millions of struggling Muslims worldwide. The Campaign also promotes a sense of unity and generosity among Muslims globally. Its core purpose is to shed light on the significant challenges faced by impoverished individuals worldwide and highlight the various ways charities like Rukhsana are working to assist them. The Ramadan Campaign also serves as a great opportunity for all Muslims to come together during what is generally considered to be a solemn and peaceful time of year.

Rukhsana Foundation, in collaboration with AIMCAANA, undertook a remarkable effort during the recent Campaign by distributing 1000 Ration Packs of Rs. 3000 each, to individuals and families in need. These packages included essential food items to provide much-needed support during challenging times. Each pack contained

  • 15 kg of Aataa, 2 kg of White Chaanay, 2 kg of Channa Daal, 3 kg of Sugar, 1000 grams of Tapal Tea, 2 kg of Shan Ghee, and 2 kg of Masoor Daal.

In addition to providing these essential supplies, the dedicated team from Rukhsana Foundation and AIMCAANA set up three counters to efficiently manage the distribution and offer valuable services to the beneficiaries. The first counter handled beneficiary registration and the collection of Ration Packs. The second counter was dedicated to vaccination, contributing to the overall health and well-being of the community. Lastly, the third counter focused on providing Health Cards, equipping individuals with essential healthcare information and resources.

This comprehensive approach not only addressed the immediate needs of these people but also promoted long-term health and well-being, exemplifying the commitment of Rukhsana Foundation and AIMCAANA to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need.