STEM Program

STEM Program (Robotics)

We have introduced a comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program tailored for students in grades 4-8. Alongside core subjects, our curriculum now includes specialized courses in computer coding and robotics. In the robotics module, students engage in designing and programming robots capable of assisting with everyday tasks. Our curriculum encompasses mechanics, programming, and mathematical principles, supported by the acquisition of advanced programmable robotics kits from Lego, valued at over Rs. 400,000. To facilitate this exciting learning journey, we’ve provided a dedicated space equipped with specialized resources. Our program is designed to foster innovation, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and collaboration, nurturing well-rounded skills for the future.


The Students are taught Game Designing with SCRATCH 2 Software. They are taught Animation designing with reference to their science subjects to make short documentaries, storytelling clips, and animated presentations of their science subjects. Website designing and development are taught as well, they are introduced to different computer languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and JAVASCRIPT.

We live in a digital and industrial world, and we hope that by introducing these elements into our student’s education early on, we can help them be able and give them a fair chance at competing and contributing to their societies just as well as any other student from any well-respected school.