The esteemed faculty from the Ali Institute paid a visit to the Rukhsana Foundation on Wednesday, March 27, 2024. The faculty members included Hasnain Yousaf, serving as a Lecturer and IT trainer, Ms. Amtuz Zehra, a Lecturer and ECE Expert, and Mahzaib Baloch, a Lecturer and Trainer. Their primary objective was to collaborate with us in establishing their STEM setup. Additionally, they were keen on understanding our methods of teaching children using study packs, particularly intrigued by the design of our weekly study materials.

During their visit, they thoroughly reviewed our lesson plans to grasp our teaching approach. They were impressed by our ability to achieve results without relying on traditional textbooks in the classroom. Witnessing our integration of IT from as early as grade 1 left a significant impression on them. Recognizing our success in achieving outcomes, they expressed a desire for our assistance in their new project. Essentially, each member is actively contributing as a Training Specialist and faculty member at the Continuous Professional Development Center within the Ali Institute of Education.