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Care is a small word, a four letter, and looks like an insignificant word that one might easily overlook, but when it comes to the meaning, it is the most significant word there is. Its meaning holds the insight and the purpose of life on this earth, the way life should be lived. Everyone or thing born has a purpose but not necessarily the same fortune. A part of society is termed, affluent or fortunate and others are less fortunate or underprivileged. This is how God created this earth. It is not the fault of the privileged that some other are less fortunate but truly it is the duty of the well to do, to take care of the needy. God also directs the fortunate to share their good fortune with those who need help and look for care and affection.

History of Rukhsana Foundation, Dr. Naeem Tahirkheli, a Cardiologist by profession living in Oklahoma USA decided to give his share to society and also to channel the support of other people who also believe to share their due. This being very important work needed to be done in an organized and professional way. In order to accomplish this, an organization Rukhsana Foundation was created in 2005. This history of the organization is named after Dr. Tahirkheli’s mother Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq Tahirkheli who is his inspiration in this work. She has always taught him to give and help. What was once a dream; is today a glowing, reality.

Working of Foundation

The foundation is running a number of projects for the welfare of humanity. It runs a school for children, whose parents cannot afford to educate them. With this education, these children have a chance for a better life instead of dwelling in the slums. All the books copies, stationery, uniform, etc. are provided free of cost. A clinic is also being run by the foundation to help the people who cannot afford to go to a doctor as medical care is very expensive these days. Here also the patients are provided with medical advice and medicines free of cost. Besides these permanent projects, the foundation is alive to all that is happening around us and is ready to help where ever required. May it be the earthquake in Kashmir or the flood in Baluchistan, Rukhsana Foundation has always been at the forefront. Relief is not only provided on a temporary basis like foodstuff, clean water, medicines, etc. but permanent relief in the form of permanent shelters and houses is also provided which remains a testimony of the work done and serves the displaced people for years to come.
This work is done without any discrimination by religion, caste, or creed, it is for the service of humanity as a whole. By the grace of God, these efforts of the Rukhsana Foundation will continue and the new challenges will be met as and when they arise and will meet with success because all this is done just to help humanity without asking for anything in return.