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Computer Lab

The field of information technology offers great prospects for the youth to excel and earn a respectable livelihood. As we are passing into a digital age, the importance and scope are rising with every passing day with the need for trained professionals rising with it. Realizing the importance of Information Technology and its use in the future, a state-of-the-art computer lab has been set up at the school with a comprehensive and progressive computer curriculum to help students face the challenges of a digital world. There are 26 computers in the lab making sure that every student has his/her’s independent computer station in order to provide a comprehensive and practical experience. A dedicated file server was installed in order to act as a database for school and clinic records. A network was created and every computer system in the lab was provided with high-speed fiber internet access.

Rukhsana Foundation

Computer Curriculum

Our advanced computer curriculum consists of basically 3 major components:
1. Basic computer operation, 2. Stem education, 3. Computer coding using C++.
Our basic computer studies start from grade 1 and include touch typing and basic computer operation. From grade 4 and 5 we start basic animation, web design, and introduction to software packages like Microsoft Office, logo, etc. Here the students are also taught basic STEM applications involving electric circuit, construction of basic movable models involving battery operated motors and kits. The science lessons are also integrated in order to give practical understanding to the students. From grade 6 onwards we introduce lego ev3 kits for advanced robot construction and programming. The advanced level of animations, web design, game design and introduction of softwares like photoshop is also taught. We will be starting Adobe premiere pro from the new session starting hopefully from August 21.

In Pakistan C++ computer coding is taught from the intermediate level (grade 11 onwards) but to our delight, we have seen that our students are quite capable of accomplishing this from grade 8 so we have designed a curriculum for them that will start from grade 8 and by the time they reach grade 10 they would have already finished what we call in Pakistan as Intermediate Computer Science. We are also trying to start advanced 3D animation from Grade 9. Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School is the only school in Pakistan that teaches the above to students from grades 4 to 8. We will be adding grade 9 as mentioned earlier from  August 21  which will take the students to even a higher level.