World Blood Donor Day serves as a significant occasion to raise awareness about the critical need for voluntary blood donation to ensure a steady supply of safe and healthy blood. The theme for World Blood Donor Day in 2011 was “MORE BLOOD MORE LIFE.” In line with this global initiative, Rukhsana Foundation collaborated with Sundas Foundation to organize a meaningful event at the Welfare Clinic of the foundation.
During this event, 10 voluntary donors generously contributed blood to support this noble cause. Dr. Rizwan Fazal, the administrative head of Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Clinic, underscored the importance of blood donation. He encouraged all healthy individuals to donate blood every three months, emphasizing that it not only benefited those in need but also contributed to the donor’s well-being.
Mr. Naveed Sheikh, President of Rukhsana Foundation, highlighted that while the nation had consistently demonstrated tremendous generosity in donating blood during disasters like earthquakes or bomb blasts, patients in regular circumstances often faced difficulties accessing blood. He emphasized that blood was a priceless gift that could save lives. The dedicated team from Sundas Foundation ensured the health of the blood donors, ensuring a successful and compassionate blood donation event.