Rukhsana Foundation is dedicated to supporting clinical events aimed at improving the well-being of children. The importance of proper nutrition in a child’s growth cannot be overstated. Ensuring that children receive food with the right nutritional value is essential for their overall health and development.
During our wellness checks conducted at the Welfare School, we observed that many children tend to consume junk food, which can significantly hinder their healthy growth. To raise awareness among parents about this critical issue, Dr. Ayesha Nasir, a Pediatrician and Wellness Coordinator at the school, organized a comprehensive lecture on nutritional value.
During this lecture, parents were educated about the vital role of healthy nutrition in a child’s life. They were encouraged to provide their children with nutritious foods while minimizing the consumption of junk foods. It was emphasized that taking proactive measures at an early age is crucial, as neglecting proper nutrition can impede healthy growth and potentially lead to complications as the child grows older.