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Rukhsana Foundation

EMR System

One of the most innovative and efficient aspects of the Welfare Clinic was set in 2013; patient records and treatment histories of the patients have been computerized and stored on a database, and all patient identification is Biometric. This was introduced after much discussion by management to help make the treatment of patients as best as possible. Software for this was developed especially and cost around Rs. 600,000. Most of our patients do not come from a background where basic education is a given, for them it is a luxury, the benefits of which are not at their disposal. So to make their identification and healthcare easier, from diagnosis to treatment this system was important to introduce. All the medical care, consultations, diagnosis, and treatments (that we can offer ourselves from our resources) are provided free of cost to our patients, most of whom come from impoverished backgrounds.

Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

We Educate

Rukhsana Foundation opened an elementary school in January 2008 for the underprivileged children whose families could not afford to educate them.

We Help

We have developed a sponsorship program where we ensure that orphans and vulnerable children can access quality education.

We Build

This program was initiated in October 2019 and runs for an hour once a week. The fee is Rs. 200 per child. So far, ScienceFuse has conducted eight sessions.

We Donate

You can also donate food for the beneficiaries to the Foundation. RIZQ has played an active role in providing the students and their families with Frozen Vegetables.