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Is a system which has been in place to monitor the health, mental wellbeing and social wellness of our students, and was started in 2016. As all our students come from a poverty ridden area and live in poor conditions, understandably, the struggle for shelter and food faced daily by their families is a greater issue. At the school, we offer them free check-ups, training in hygiene and up-keep. Full records are kept about the health of the students and parents are advised on any issues and measures of improvement for their child’s health.
The students are provided with free hair-cuts, and are taught to take pride in being presentable and clean. This is a value for life that benefits everyone and will hopefully help with their future employment.


Where to find us?

24 - M, Gulberg III, Lahore.Pakistan
Phone Number
+92 (42) 358 44011
+92 (42) 358 44011