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IPADs and laptops

Smart Board Technology

In January 2014 it was decided to bring the Welfare School at par with any premier private school in Pakistan and the teaching staff was upgraded by inducting teachers of the highest level and qualifications. More equipment was provided to the school including Smart Board Technology in every class. The further integration of computer technology was made possible by providing Tablet Computers i.e. Ipads to the school. About 1.4 million rupees were spent on this. The technology that has been provided converts a normal whiteboard into a smart board and the computer connected to the device can be controlled directly from the board.

In 2017 class 5 was added to the school. This class is being taught according to the highest standards with total integration of technology in studies. Every student has been provided with a laptop and they are typing at a speed of 70 words per minute. Computer coding was also made part of the curriculum from grade 8 onwards.