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Ramzan Campagin - Rukhsana Foundation - Rukhsana Foundation

Ramzan Campagin 2022

Ramzan Campaign

The Ramzan Campaign is a nationwide effort by the Rukhsana Foundation to provide relief and support during the Muslim holy month of the Ramzan campaign, a time when charity is often at the forefront of many Muslims’ minds. The goal is to raise funds and awareness for the millions of Muslims around the world who are struggling to make ends meet during this time. The Ramzan campaign also helps to foster a spirit of togetherness and generosity among Muslims throughout the world. The goal of the Ramzan campaign is to raise awareness about the tremendous needs faced by those in poverty around the world and the many ways that charities like Rukhsana are working to help those in need. The Ramzan campaign also serves as a great opportunity for all Muslims to come together during what is generally considered to be a solemn and peaceful time of year.

Ramzan Campaign of rukhsana foundation - Rukhsana Foundation - Rukhsana Foundation