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Multimedia Equipment

In March 2013, Rukhsana Foundation moved its operations from 131 – SD, Askari 5 to 24 – M, Gulberg III. This move provided a proper building for the Welfare School and a chance to explore new possibilities in the working of the Foundation. With great thanks to all our well-wishers, donors, and volunteers, major investments have been made possible for us to help our students. Since 2014 they have had access to multimedia equipment like smart boards, projectors, laptops and tablet computers, and a computer lab, Wi-Fi is available throughout the building and gives the students access to global educational resources. All our teachers go through regular training and help students as much as possible. The projectors help turn ordinary whiteboards into Smart Boards, making it easier to swap between hand-written teaching, showing presentation slides, to audio and visual teaching aids. This amounted to 1.4 million rupees. The school is equipped with a computer lab and in 2017, 15 more computers were added, the school now has 26 computers, with its own dedicated file server and its own network with access to high-speed internet.