Smartboard Technology & IPADS
Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq (Late) had a dream to create an educational institution for the under privileged for the provision of quality education free of cost which was second to none and was comparable to any premier institution of the country. The importance of integration of technology has been identified as very useful in helping the students understand the subject matter by making the lesson interesting. As it was vital that the students at the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing school comprehend and retain the subject matter being taught it was felt that multi media and computers will play a key role in the education process. In 2014 all the classes in the schools were provided with smart boards, multi media and lap top computers. Later it proved very helpful when Oxford curriculum was introduced in the school. Taking it a step forward Ipads/Tablet Computers were also introduced in order to make the children well versed with all the available technology and its application in studies. Different applications are used on Ipads by the students which help in understanding subjects like Mathematics, English etc. and makes learning very enjoyable.
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