In order to achieve a high standard of education, it is imperative to have a curriculum that covers everything, is upto the highest standards and in line with the latest advancements in education. Since the inception of the Welfare school, choice of curriculum has seen many stages of development. In depth research has taken place involving various curricula available staying in line with the guidelines provided by the National Education Policy put forward by the Government of Pakistan. After this research which involved complete study of various books available from various publishers, the curriculum provided by Oxford University Press was selected in 2015. This curriculum comes in 3 levels, level 1 which is the most comprehensive and advanced was selected. This level involves technology integration (Multi media) and online resources. The curriculum is continuously updated according to the new research and development in the field of education. Technology integration in curriculum became a necessity as it helps in comprehension and retention of the subject matter making the lesson interesting with the help of audio visual lectures. In Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School the teacher needs to make students understand and retain the subject matter as their parents are illiterate and they don’t find much help at home. The Oxford curriculum covers all the bases and makes it easy for the children to understand the subject taught with the help of audio visual integration. Rs700,000 have been spent so far for the purchase of books.
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