Welfare School
Education enlightens the mind. It helps a person to think and broadens the horizon giving a better understanding of life. Madam Rukhsana Mushtaq (Late) had a passion for teaching. She understood the importance of education and wanted to spread it. Although she never taught professionally, but was always a teacher for her children and children of her staff and surroundings wherever she went during the military service of her husband. Whenever she gazed at the world outside from her terrace she saw children playing on the roadside or looking for something useful in trash cans, she made up her mind to help those children and give them a chance for a better life. She knew that only with education they had hope for a better life. In 2008, she laid the foundation of a welfare school in order to help especially the children from garbage collecting families. The school started with classrooms in makeshift fiberglass sheds. At start children were admitted in kindergarten and from there the school progressed to grade 4.

Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq (Late) wanted to create a school with state of the art facilities, just like a premier private school as she wanted to provide the same facilities to the under privileged which are only available to the affluent. In order to pursue this the school was moved to a proper building in 2013 with class rooms equipped with computers, multi media and smart boards in order to provide the best possible education free of cost to the under privileged. Today the school provides education from K.G, Prep to Grade 8, and enrolls about 265 children. The school is manned by a highly qualified and trained staff. It is an English medium school with best available curriculum. Everything from books, stationary, uniform etc. is provided totally free of cost.

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