Ramadan Campaign 2020

In our 2020 Ramadan Campaign, we distributed more than 500 Ration Packs to beneficiaries. Each Ration Pack was worth Rs.3000 with the details given below.

We also collaborated with Robin Hood Army(Pakistan) as well as RIZQ. RHA provided us with 19 Ration Packs. RIZQ provided us with 200 Packs along with a Sponsor.

The list of jobs made impossible by the novel Coronavirus is endless, and thousands in Pakistan are at risk of starvation. This is an appeal to every Pakistani that finds themselves in relative security: help us prevent the dire consequences of mass unemployment. Rukhsana Foundation’s rations go to the underprivileged community in general, and especially to the families of the students enrolled in our Welfare School as well as families using our Welfare Clinic. Providing these families with Ration is not a one-time scenario due to unemployment caused by COVID-19, this might go on for months. Donate as much as possible!

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