Circle of Kindness

In 2019, the school took part in a Circle of Kindness initiative which empowers through social and financial education, they visit other NGOs and Goverment schools and help by volunteering there and interacting in different enviroments. They are empowered to get involved and be helpful, sources of positivity for other students.

RF students conduct a Food Drive once a month from their own budget, giving them a sense of rights and responsibilies and allowing them to be more con-scientious. They learn to make the best use of their resources, they are assigned a number of students per NGO and learn to plan and budget meals to help others out and have a boost on their own confidence in their own capabilities. Learing to organise their own campaigns, they can devote time to beign sourced of positivity for others, raising awareness, through making placards, banners and painting motifs on walls

On World Cancer Day, our medical specialists and student teamed up and learnt about the dangers of Cancer, they then could visit and contribute to an NGO school, and share knowledge there. In February 2019 RF students visited the Rising Sun Institute tocinduct their first food drive and distributed fruit. Our Pediatrician, Dr. Ayesha Nadir held a seminar to raise awarness of being around children with special needs and disabilities. They spent time with these children and learnt about being fair to people wit difficulties.

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