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Project - Aghaaz

Care is a small word, a four-letter, which looks like an insignificant word that one might easily overlook, but when it comes to its meaning, it is the most significant word there is. 


Aghaaz is a non-profit organization, set by O/A-LEVEL & LUMS students, to offer equality of opportunity to students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. It is their aim to help all students, from schools they collaborate with, to ‘think freely’ and ‘dream big’. Allowing students to one day climb up the social ladder.
The focus is on structure for a narrative-based learning, and critical thinking; encouraging students to take part in debates, dramatics, arts, music (dependent on resources), and sport (dependent on available space). These sessions are run on a weekly basis, throughout the school year, and provide the students with a considered participation in projects where they can apply their learning and get results. The aim of these activities is to offer students growth in skills and to have consistent extra-curricular activities. These are offered by O and A Level students from schools and undergraduate institutions in Lahore.