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A team of Rotary international from the United States of America paid a visit to the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School in order to see the working of the school. This trip was arranged by Ms. Shazia Zaffar a president of the Rotary club in Lahore leading the campaign to spread awareness against Polio in order to eradicate the disease. She along with her colleagues visited the school earlier as they were performing a survey of the schools working to provide quality education to underprivileged children. Ms. Shazia was very impressed with the efforts of the Rukhsana Foundation especially the personal interest of the Chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq in the working of the school. She pledged the support of Rotary International for the school and offered to help in a number of ways from teacher training to material help. This was the follow-up of the first visit. The team of Rotary International brought school bags, notebooks, and stationery items for the students which they themselves distributed among the children. They appreciated the efforts of the Foundation and once again pledged their support from the platform of Rotary International U.S.A.

The Leader of the Team of Rotary International U.S.A Presents a Souvenir to The Chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq of the Rukhsana Foundation


Rotary International


June 12, 2014




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Visit Of Rotary International Team To Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School

The outgoing District Governor Ms. Barb Feder and the District Governor-elect Mr. Abe Feder of Rotary International District 5510 Arizona U.S.A for the year 2012-13 were on a visit to Pakistan. During this visit, they came to Rukhsana Foundation. Here they received a briefing from the Rukhsana Foundation Chairperson Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq about the projects of Rukhsana Foundation from Elementary school, Welfare Clinic to the ongoing projects in flood-affected areas. Mr. Abe Feder was very impressed with the efforts of the Foundation and pledged his support. He also pledged to channel the support of other Rotary Districts in the United States in order to enable the Foundation to increase the scope of the services provided.

The Visit Of District Governor Rotary Intl, District 5510 Arizona U.S.A

Rotary International has been cooperating with the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing School and their members have been visiting the school regularly in order to access the requirements of the school and to explore ways in which they can help. As a library has been established in the school, the Rotary international came forward and offered to donate books on various subjects for the children, for this the Assistant Governor, Club of Milford Rotary international D-7870 U.S.A, Mr. David Countways and his wife Mrs. Sylvia Countways visited the Welfare school. They met the Chairperson of Rukhsana Foundation Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq and pledged Rotary’s continuous support for the cause of the Foundation.

Visit of Assistant Governor Club of Milford Rotary International

Two past District Governors of Rotary International District 5510 Arizona, USA, Mr. Abe Feder, and Mrs. Barb Feder visited the Rukhsana Foundation Welfare Finishing school. This was their second visit to the school. They earlier visited the in 2012. Visiting Pakistan in order to be a part of the National Immunization day for a drive to rid Pakistan of Polio, Mr. Abe Feder and Mrs. Barb Feder have always been keen followers of the development of education in Pakistan with a focus on the institutions working for the underprivileged segment of the society.

They were deeply impressed by the development that has taken place in the RF welfare school and labeled it truly a “Unique Institution” in Pakistan. With all the technology that has been incorporated into the school, according to Mr. Abe Feder, it was just like Walking into an educational institution in a developed country. Both complemented the Chairperson, Mrs. Rukhsana Mushtaq, and the Patron Dr. Naeem Tahirkheli for creating a world-class facility for the children who cannot afford to go to such a school. Mr. Abe Feder renewed the commitment of Rotary International of assisting the Rukhsana Foundation in every way and assured the management that they will double their efforts in securing Rotary assistance for the Foundation as it is truly a global symbol of service.