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Rukhsana Foundation

Food Drive

Care is a small word, a four-letter, which looks like an insignificant word that one might easily overlook, but when it comes to its meaning, it is the most significant word there is. 

food drive

You can sponsor the “Food Drive” in Rs.3000 for 265 children. The Food Drive was initiated towards the end of October 2018. Our students are served with rice, fruits and eggs four times a week. Our official food drive sponsor is “eDrive,” Fleet Management Company. The Food Drive is sponsored by eDrive Technology twice a week on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s. The children get to take Biryani boxes back home to share it with their families once a week. So far we have conducted more than 100 Food Drive’s since October 2018 till February 2020! You can also donate food for the beneficiaries to the Foundation. RIZQ has played an active role in providing the students and their families with Frozen Vegetables.