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State of The Art Computer Lab

In the year 2017 realizing the importance of Information Technology and its use in the future, the computer lab of the school was enhanced and 15 more computers were added to the lab taking the total number to 26 which has provided access to every student to his/her individual computer work station and does not require to share. A dedicated file server was installed in order to act as a database for school and clinic records. A network was created and every computer system in the lab was provided with high speed internet access.


Laptops for Students

In 2017 class 5 was added to the school. This class is being taught according to the highest standards with total integration of technology in studies. Every student has been provided with a laptop and they are typing at a speed 70 words per minute. This will be raised further. Computer coding is also being taught along with usual academics. In October 2017 seven more rooms were added to the school building making it easier to accommodate the classes comfortably and the one class conducted in an outside shed was also brought into the building. Class 5 that was being taught in the afternoon was also brought into morning session. In 2018 the management decided to add class 6 to the school and students of class 5 were promoted. In 2019 looking at the continuous interest in education of especially the female students of class 6, despite of difficulties and raising costs, it was decided to progress the school to class 7 in order to provide the children with a chance to continue their education. In the year 2020 Class 8th will added to the school.


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+92 (42) 358 44011