General Meetings
The meeting started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The Chairperson presiding the same, she welcomed the members. The COO Rukhsana Foundation Mr. Sajjad Manzoor and head of marketing Ms. Mahvish Gulraiz also attended the meeting on special invitation.

1. Introducing the First point on the agenda, Progress report of the Welfare Clinic, the Chairperson invited the COO Rukhsana Foundation Mr. Sajjad Manzoor to give the annual report of the working of the Welfare clinic during 2019 which is attached as annexure A and B.

2. The Chairperson introduced the Second Point of Agenda that is the progress report of the Welfare School. She invited COO Mr. Sajjad Manzoor to highlight the various activities Of the Welfare School during the year 2019. These are outlined in document attached as annexure C. He further informed the house of the following hiring made for the school:-

a: Ms. Saima Humaira Ahsan was hired as class teacher grade 5 at a salary of Rs30,000/- in place of Ms. Zoheen Amjad who left the job.

b: Ms. Amna Rehan was hired as a teacher at a salary of Rs30,000/- for class 4 to replace Ms. Sana Ahmad who left the job.
c: Ms. Umber Ramzan was hired as subject teacher Mathematics at a salary of Rs30,000/- in place of Ms. Wisha Shahid who could not continue her job due to health issues.

d:Mr. Asif Masih was hired as a janitor at a salary of Rs20,000/- to replace Mr. Dilawar Hussain who left his job.

The house unanimously approved the above measures taken.

Taking the third point on the agenda the Chairperson informed the house of the following measures taken: -

1. A science lab has been started in the school and some equipment was purchased. Funds are required for cupboards and some other equipment. Mr. Naveed Sheikh, President Rukhsana Foundation pledged to provide Rs150,000/- for this purpose.

2. The computer equipment in the school and clinic was ageing as it was procured in 2013. Teachers and students were facing difficulty in running the latest software required as the computers and laptops were getting very slow. The equipment need an upgrade and for this Rs300,000/- were pledged by the Patron.

3. The computer lab in the school had an air conditioner in order to dissipate the heat produced by the computer equipment, but it was not enough and the heat was making it difficult for the equipment to function properly. Another air conditioner was required and for this board member Mrs. Rahat Tahirkheli pledged a sum of Rs70,000/-The income tax lawyer/auditor hired by the foundation was not performing up to the mark so it was decided to hire a new person in consultation with Mr. Naveed Sheikh.

4. The performance of Medical Specialist in the clinic was not up to the mark and the patients were not satisfied with him so it was decided to replace him.

5. It was decided that patient satisfaction should be accessed in the clinic and change(If any) should be brought about in order to attain maximum patient satisfaction.

6. The house was informed that the medicine prices have gone up by 35% so the budget required to purchase medicines needed to be enhanced, which was approved.

7. Due to rising inflation it was decided to give a minimum 10% raise across the board in salaries of the staff for the year 2020, however some teaching and administration staff will be provided higher raise based on their performance. Salary raise statement is attached as annexure d.

8. Class 8th will be started in the school in academic year 2020/21,furniture and books required will be purchased and a teacher will be hired.

9. As class 7 has not been having a stable teacher, a new teacher will be hired.

10. Aggressive marketing campaign will continue in 2020 in order to open further avenues of donation and support for the Foundation.

11. The level of spoken English has improved a lot among the children in school but some refinement is required as far as the pronunciation is concerned. From academic session 2020/21 special classes will be conducted in order to further improve spoken skills and pronunciation of children.

12. Head of Marketing Ms. Mahvish Gulraiz informed the house about food drive and student sponsor program during 2019. The donation for food drive is Rs3000 and for student sponsorship in the year 2020 is Rs7,500. She informed the house that so far 100 food drives have been conducted and 25 children have been sponsored by donors.

13. The volunteer program continued in the year 2019 in which different people from different walks of life have given some time to the students at the school and have shared their experience with them. These volunteer groups included, Lahore Student Union, Lahore School of Economics, LUMS, Aghaaz, Science Fuse etc.

14. The patron Dr. Naeem Tahirkheli said that he was very happy with the presentation skills of the students after seeing their performances in the annual day function. He wanted more people to attend the function so the function date will be announced at least 3 months earlier and he will provide extra Rs100,000/- for the organization of event.

The house unanimously approved the above measures, no point was raised by any member so the meeting was adjourned after refreshment.
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