Science Fuse
Science Fuse is an organization that is trying to make learning Science better in classrooms in Pakistan. They aim to make science applicable and relevant to every day life for students. Their focus is on making science inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving important, students should be able to ask informed questions, be inquisitive about the world around them, be able to work out possible solutions to problems using thinking tools like formulas. While making all this fun and memorable. The program is based on the curriculum research done by King’s College London and the Science Museum Group UK. Students learn about the different aspects of science learning, like chemical reactions, physics, the science of sound, and how versatile water can be. Students are also taught about some of the world’s most respected scientists and their work, they are encouraged to be curious, to question, to learn and get answers and to build cognitive skills. The program runs for grades 1-5, and 6-7, it is managed in 4 modules a month; each module is covered in two days, in a manageable 90 minutes each day. The fee is Rs. 1000 per student.
Science Fuse - Science Show
These are Science themed shows, which are presented to groups and are developed on a school or organization’s criteria. The focus is to promote curiosity and ‘assist discovery’. The knowledge they aim to share is a on Mental Mathematics, Newton’s three laws of motion - how they function in real life and on rockets, chemical reactions, some of the properties of water, concepts of atoms and molecules, how they interact in terms of cohesion and adhesion, the concepts of inertia, friction, gravity, centripetal force, actions and reactions. The attitudes towards science they aim to instill are engagement in science theory and practice, the application of these to real life, to encourage the students to grow in their intellect and talent, through taking part in challenging work. The skills they help the students develop are theoretical thinking, trying to make a hypothesis, perform experiments, ask questions, and observe. They also aim to engage students in numerical intelligence, logical reasoning, problem solving, creativity and lateral thinking to help develop their cognitive skills. The skills they try to help the students be confident in are communication, for learning, play, and social interaction. This program was initiated in October 2019 and runs for an hour once a week. The fee is Rs. 200 per child. So far, ScienceFuse has conducted eight sessions with Classes 6 & 7.
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