RIZQ, the Trust, a social enterprise registered under the Act 1882 designed to end hunger by efficiently channelizing food philanthropy and excess food to food-insecure people via a system of food banks, distribution partners and technology, operating from its head office at, 40-Commercial Cavalry Ground, Lahore, Pakistan.
RIZQ has played an active role with Rukhsana Foundation starting from the year 2020. The Trust also assisted the Foundation to provide Ration Packs to 100 families in the month of April 2020.
Rukhsana Foundation has recently signed two MoU’s with the trust.
  • The first MoU is intended to collect the surplus food and distribute it to the students of Rukhsana Foundation and their families

  • The second MoU targets the Ration Program. This MoU has a term of 4 months initiating from January 2021.
    After the beneficiary verification, a target of 100 families has been set. In this program, the contribution by the foundation will be 25%, RIZQ contribution 25% and the beneficiary 50%.

    The Ration Pack consists of 3 basic essentials:
    Flour (Atta) - 20KG
    Cooking Oil - 3KG
    Sugar – 3KG
    The total amount for this comes out to be more than Rs.2000. The beneficiary will receive this Ration Pack for Rs.1000.

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