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We have developed a sponsorship program where we ensure that orphans and vulnerable children can access quality education.
We seek passionate people and organizations to partner with us by sponsoring at least one child. For those that are interested, we allow the sponsor to pick a specific child they would like to support and develop a deep relationship with. Some people choose to remain general donors but specify that their donation is towards education. This money is used to support orphans that do not yet have sponsors.

Child Education

Benefits of sponsoring a child:

Sponsoring a child means being part of the solution in making a valuable difference and giving a child a brighter future today. Also, sponsoring means developing friendships with the children and their families. Your support will significantly impact the lives of orphans and vulnerable children. We’re here to connect those who wish to help, those most in need. Supporting a child through sponsorship is a rewarding relationship for all involved.
You will be able to communicate with your sponsored child through letters and get regular updates about your child from their replies.

Child Education

sponsored child through letters and get regular updates.